A Quick Guide to Amazon Promotions 2022


A Quick Guide to Amazon Promotions 2022

Amazon shoppers are always looking for a bargain and promotions are a sure-fire way to give them what they want. Running a promotion on Amazon is one of the most popular marketing strategies and has led to increased sales, customer retention, and conversion rates.

Promotions are a great way to get more sales with minimal effort. They are a great way to generate buzz and can easily drive traffic to your store.

Doesn’t matter if it is Black Friday, a new product launch, Prime Day, or just because you feel like it. You can always run a promotion to excite your audience.

That said, are they right for you?

Amazon promotions 


Benefits of using Amazon Promotions

Promotions are a fantastic way to increase the average order value for your business since promotions usually get people to spend more on one purchase than they would otherwise, and they can also help increase your sales velocity. But this is not all the increase in sales from your promotions will also have a positive long-term effect on your organic search ranking.

So what are the different types of promotions?

Social Media Promo Code

When using this method you will be creating social media codes, sharing promotional offers with your customers so that they have a better chance to get a good deal from you! Offer them the chance to get discounts on specific products and share those offers using social media. Using this type of promotion you create a more targeted promotion. This will allow you to control how it is marketed, and also how customers redeem your offers.

You will receive a unique URL for each promotional code created along with a unique webpage that shows all eligible products and promotion details. 

After that is done you just have to share the URL on social media so buyers can use it to redeem offers on Amazon.

Note: Customers can redeem the discount on one eligible unit or multiple units. The total discounted price cannot exceed 80% of the current cost and must not be less than 5%. You are also able to choose how many times a customer can redeem your discount.

Percentage off


Percentage Off

Using this type of promotion you are offering your customers the ability to save money on one or more of your products. Normally by entering a code, they can be single-use (each is unique and can be used only once), group promotions ( where you would use a code like “SAVENOW20” and no limits on how many times it can be redeemed), or no code. 

In the Advanced Options, you can set up a tiered discount (buy one unit get 5% off, buy two get 10% off, and so on.)

Note: Also you can customize the messaging on your product page and in the checkout ( this is the message that shows up when someone redeems the promotion)


Buy One Get One

Buy One Get One is a marketing tactic to get your Amazon buyers to purchase. The main idea behind this marketing promotion is to get the customer to buy an item and then receive another item as a bonus as long as both items are within the same category. This helps to drive more sales, increase brand awareness, and provide shoppers with an incentive to buy more products on top of getting a free product. The Amazon BOGO isn’t limited to just this one promotion – think of it as a way to add a little more excitement to any other offers you give. You can do something like Buy 2 Get 1, or Spend $50 on any other items and get one for free.

Note: You’ll need to think about how many items they need to buy and what they’ll receive in return before starting the promotion.

Amazon Coupons 

Coupons can be a great way to get more eyes on your product and increase its visibility on Amazon. They’ll also result in more conversions from people landing on your listing. With coupons, you are able to create targeted and compelling promotions for your customers on Amazon. You can use them to discount a flat dollar amount or a percentage off. For eligible single products or an eligible family of products.

These digital Coupons are an easy-to-use tool to promote your products, they will show up through Amazon on Amazon’s deals page, search results, Gold Box deals page as well as on your product detail page.

Just clip the coupon and savings are applied to eligible products when buyers checkout.

Note: Do not forget to set a budget and the time you would like the coupon to run for.




Lightning Deals 

Amazon Lightning Deals is a time-limited offer where items are featured for a limited number of hours which can be between 4 to 12 hours.

They appear throughout Amazon and are available on the Today’s Deals or Prime Day page. 

In order to take advantage of these lightning deals, customers will have to have an Amazon Prime account and you will need to have a Professional Selling Plan.

These are very effective at boosting sales and visibility.

Note: Your items will need to be a 3+ rating and be eligible for Prime

7-Day Deal

Is also a time-limited offer where items are featured for a limited 7day period, this option is great for those that like the idea of the Lightning Deal but want more flexibility and longevity. This deal is featured on the Amazon Deals page.

To be eligible there are some criteria that need to be met, have an overall rating of 3.5 and be a Professional seller.


Amazon has created many different tools for sellers which allow them to provide discounts on their products. 

They can improve the discoverability of your brand and products, boost conversion rates, increase sales, and can even help generate more traffic to your store. Sounds pretty good!

Sales promotion can differ greatly depending on what your marketing goals are. The type of sales promotion you choose also depends on your budget and profit margins. It’s important that you know your numbers to ensure you don’t lose money when it comes time to do promotions.